My Perfect Night Out
My Perfect Night Out
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My Yoga Journey started back in 2010 when a series of unfortunate events led me to a very dark place; I was in desperate need of a tune up, both mentally and physically. A friend badgered me into going to yoga with her, I had zero interest but in the spirit of trying new things, I found myself sweating in 105 degree room trying not to die. What I didn't expect though was to leave feeling the way I did. I cried, like ugly loud cried, in my first half pigeon. The experience was such a strong release I knew I need to experience more of it. My first leap of faith into the practice of yoga was a 40 day Yoga + Meditation experience through my first studio, Down Dog Yoga.

Within in a few years of practicing, I dove head first into a 200 Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training through CorePower Yoga. Teacher training allowed my to find a new voice and fueled my fire to share my love and passion for yoga with the world. I left my 'big time' D.C. Healthcare Business Development position and started teaching yoga full time in 2014.

My yoga style offers challenging, creative, dance inspired flows, with the chance to work on arm balances and inversions, in a fun upbeat environment. My focus in each class is to help you overcome your fears, find inner focus, and to let go of what no longer serves you both on and off the mat. I love to make people sweat and to leave class with a smile. See you on the mat!




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